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Mankind is facing enormous challenges, such as climate change and resource scarcity, which can only be tackled successfully via sustainable development. We will not succeed without new stimuli provided by the business sector.

The manufacturing sector is increasingly focusing on the use of alternative raw materials. Biopolymers can be produced from regional agricultural waste and can thereby reduce emissions and shorten transport routes, improve environmental footprints and create jobs. In addition to these social and ecological advantages, they also open up business opportunities: this means that the production or the use of biopolymers can effectively contribute to improving a company’s image, to attracting new target groups and to providing a decisive competitive advantage.

In order to make these advantages more tangible, the Cluster Plastics and Chemistry Brandenburg has launched a campaign focusing on this material of the future which is already available today. For more information on the biopolymers’ current status and their prospects, please refer directly to the following articles and to the whitepaper on biopolymers.