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The whitepapers on the topics of biopolymers, plastics recycling and lightweight design are packed with up-to-date information on collaborations in the state of Brandenburg and provide information on best practice cases from the region.

Why biopolymers?

Food from organic farming is becoming increasingly popular with consumers, and a paradigm shift has also taken place in the industry: production processes that are sustainable and use resources efficiently are playing an increasingly important role. In this context, the way we deal with plastics is of particular importance for a number of reasons: The raw materials used for the production of conventional plastics are usually fossil resources such as natural gas or petroleum and their availability is limited. At the same time, the amount of plastic waste is growing worldwide. More and more consumers are trying to improve their personal environmental footprint. But what can companies do to become more sustainable, improve the properties of their products and remain competitive at the same time? Find out more about biopolymers and get the whitepaper Biopolymers now.

Why lightweight design?

Lightweight design represents a key innovation because weight usually equals costs and leads to a negative ecological footprint. The principles of lightweight design are closely related to technological progress. Today, lightweight design is already being used in many different ways, for example in the aerospace sector, in the automotive industry or the transport industry. Ecologically safe, recyclable, non-toxic and carbon-neutral lightweight construction materials give us the opportunity to find trend-setting solutions. In this regard Brandenburg’s companies are working closely together with scientific institutions in the region to make the future a little easier to bear. Find out more about lightweight design and get the whitepaper Lightweight Design now.