Innovation Strategy

innobb 2025: A new Strategy for New Times

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With this innoBB 2025 (German Version), the states of Berlin and Brandenburg are introducing a new stage in the common innovation policy. In 2011, we took an ambitious step: with innoBB, we adopted the first cross-national innovation strategy. Since then, "Excellence in Innovation" has become the slogan for a dynamic capital city region that promotes and develops its innovation area jointly across state borders.

The Joint Innovation Strategy is a success. The Berlin-Brandenburg capital region is an innovative location with numerous strongand dynamic companiesresearch lighthouses and world-renowned scientific institutions. It has succeeded in further bundlingand sharpening the strengths of the region and bringing the players in the newly created clusters even closer together.

The innoBB 2025 (German Version) builds on these results and continues. Particularly against the background of digitalisation, we are facing new challenges that are shifting relevant topics and established regional balances of power in the innovation landscape.

The capital region wants to further expand its excellence in this new environment, attract founders from all over the world, develop and test highly innovative sustainable products and services as solutions to social challenges, and thus arouse enthusiasm for innovation among the population.

The new topics will be developed in exchange with national and international experts and cluster players. The result is an innovation strategy that incorporates both the new challenges and the EU goals for intelligent, sustainable and integrative growth.

innoBB plus: Regional Innovation Strategy of the State of Brandenburg

Since 2005 the State of Brandenburg has been pursuing a sector-specific setting of priorities in its business promotion policies. The first step consisted of selecting the 16 fields of competence of the sectors with an extraordinary economic and innovative potential. In order to support these 16 fields of competence of the sectors, an individual sector strategy was drawn up and implemented for each of them. In this regard the main focus was put on fostering research and development activities and on strengthening the innovation capabilities through the State Innovation Concept (Landesinnovationskonzept, abbreviated LIK) Brandenburg 2006.

The second phase was initiated in 2011. An integrated Cluster strategy was used to further develop the fields of competence of the sectors with the largest economic potential into clusters with a high productivity and a supra-regional visibility.
To this end, the Joint Innovation Strategy of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg (innoBB) was approved. It defines five joint innovative clusters and measures aimed at supporting them.

Due to the peculiarities of the economic structure in Brandenburg (which is an area state while Berlin is a city state), the state decided to support – additionally to the five joint clusters with Berlin – other four Brandenburg-specific clusters in a targeted manner. These clusters are important because of their added value for the employment in Brandenburg, namely the Cluster Food Industry, the Cluster Metal, the Cluster Plastics and Chemistry and the Cluster Tourism.

This regional innovation strategy, innoBB plus, forms (in addition to the innoBB) the strategic framework for the integrated development of the Brandenburg-specific clusters. For these industrially-oriented clusters it creates a link between innovation policies and the industrial policy strategy “Guideline and Action Plan ProIndustrie Brandenburg”, in the framework of which the core field of action “Networks, Clusters & Innovation“ carries out the lead project “Brandenburg’s Industry Clusters”.