Bioeconomy get-together in Potsdam

Bioeconomy get-together

At the bioeconomy get-together in the BioPunk Kitchen in Potsdam, bioeconomic approaches to solving major problems are being sought and found.

A bioeconomy get-together of a different kind – BioPunk Kitchen

Get-togethers and innovations are not mutually exclusive. This was proven by the report of Ulrike Munz, Project Manager in the Department of International Business and European Service, Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg.

Versammlung vieler Menschen in einem Raum

Mushrooms as an insulating material for houses or insects as an essential ingredient of the lollipop of the future? Yesterday evening at the bioeconomy get-together at the BioPunk Kitchen Potsdam the participants had the opportunity to experience first-hand that these bioeconomic approaches can already be used to solve major problems. “Do it yourself” is the motto of this laboratory on the premises of freiLAND Potsdam. It makes bioeconomy both comprehensible and tangible through projects, such as the one that focuses on beehives equipped with sensors or the one on aquaponics systems. This unconventional venue inspired some unconventional ideas and it also motivated the 25 representatives from the business and science communities to exchange ideas across sectors. So it was no wonder that, when a slaughterhouse owner asked for a way to utilise slaughter waste in a sustainable way, his request fell on sympathetic ears and first approaches were discussed over after-work beers. The need to think outside the box in the field of bioeconomy suddenly turns experts into amateurs and sparks future-oriented thinking processes on a levelled playing field. This is exactly how we wished it would turn out. We had a great evening. Thank you!