Brandenburg sustainable today

Brandenburg, the pioneer

Since 2014 the Sustainability Strategy of the State of Brandenburg has contributed to the implementation of guidelines and concrete measures for directing state policies towards sustainable development.

In the everyday life of most people, a sensible approach towards our environment and its resources is becoming an increasingly important concern. Companies that conduct sustainable economic activities can adapt quickly to regulatory changes and shortages of raw materials, but, last but not least, they have a clearer conscience—because companies themselves are made of people who care about their environment.

Brandenburg is the preferred location for numerous companies pioneering in terms of sustainable economy. These companies find customers for their products and services in the region, throughout Germany and on the international markets. With a well-developed infrastructure, attractive industrial real estates and a strong interconnection between companies and higher learning institutions, Brandenburg offers perfect development opportunities for forward-looking processes and products.

A strong network

As a central hub for investors, companies and start-ups, Economic Development Agency Brandenburg offers first-hand expertise and contacts for successfully conducting business in Brandenburg. It uses nine different rapidly growing Clusters to maintain a network of local companies, contributing to a transfer of knowledge, to the initiation of collaborations and to maximising the potential of the economy in Brandenburg.

In 2017, Economic Development Agency Brandenburg launched the campaign “Brandenburg – Sustainable Today” in order to raise public awareness of many business efforts directed towards sustainability in Brandenburg. Its aim is not only to draw attention to institutions, businesses, products and projects that already meet high sustainability standards, but also to circulate ideas and possible solutions. Companies are encouraged to discover Brandenburg as a location and to find sustainability-related inspiration. The focus lies on economic and pragmatic approaches that pay off from an entrepreneurial perspective.

In this way, the campaign “Brandenburg – Sustainable Today” makes a contribution to promoting the state’s economy and innovations, while at the same time breathing life into the state’s sustainability strategy.

Pioneers in many sectors are leading the way towards a more sustainable economy. In order to take a first step and introduce some of these pioneers, this campaign website focuses on the three topics of biopolymers, plastics recycling and lightweight design that Economic Development Agency Brandenburg has organised into Clusters. Other examples from different sectors will follow.

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