Lightweight design from Lusatia: A key technology with a bright future

Lusatia has become a hot spot for lightweight design, now home to both companies and research institutes. Both benefit from the synergies that Brandenburg creates. In the video, Dr. Kai Winkelmann from SMT describes the research goals pursued by the company together with its partners, such as, for example, the Panta Rhei.

“Lightweight design is in itself interdisciplinary and complex, making it interesting for that reason alone,” enthuses Dr. Kai Winkelmann, director of the research and development department at Forster System-Montage-Technik GmbH (SMT). SMT is a transport industry supplier in Lusatia and a member of the Mrose technical trade company association. With its lightweight innovations, the company also contributes to saving mass in the transport sector. When it comes to the further development of its products, the company profits from the location of Brandenburg, as Dr. Kai Winkelmann explains in the video.