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Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg

Location: Cottbus

Telephone: +49 3 55 69 2556

Topics: Lightweight construction

ALBA Recycling GmbH

Location: Eisenhüttenstadt

Telephone: +49 30 35 18 25 080

Area: Plastics recycling, production of recycled materials

Topics: Plastics recycling

almaak international GmbH

Locoation: Doberlug-Kirchhain

Telephone: +49 2151 496-107

Area: Plastics recycling/compounding with the focus on polymers PA6; PA6.6; PC; ABS; PC/ABS; PBT/ASA

Topics: Plastics recycling

BioInspiration GbR

Location: Eberswalde

Telephone: +49 3334 299 5293

Area: Use of renewable raw materials in the production process

Topics: Biopolymers

bvse-Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung e.V.

Location: Bonn

Area: Plastics recycling: From waste to product!

Topics: Plastics recycling


Location: Neuruppin

Telephone: +49 27 62 98 39 811

Area: Manufacturing of waste containers and recyclable waste containers, e.g. from recycled plastics

Topics: Plastics recycling

Fairwindel (“Fair Nappy”) / Tumaly GmbH & Co. KG

Location: Mühlenbecker Land

+49 30 577 035 79
+49 178 5610 355

Area: Fully biodegradable nappies for babies

Topics: Biopolymers

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP

Location: Potsdam

Telephone: +49 331 568 1114

Area: Research and development projects on natural biopolymers as well as biobased plastics

Topics: Biopolymers, Plastics recycling

Gefinex GmbH

Location: Pritzwalk

Telephone: +49 3395 752 108

Area: Manufacturer of polyethylene foams and films for the construction sector

Topics: Plastics recycling


Location: Am Rund 14, 15537 Erkner

Telephone: +49 1577 379 0227

Area: Innovation and project management for sustainable business

Topics: Biopolymers, Plastics recycling

hesco Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH

Location: Luckenwalde

Telephone: +49 3371 40580

Area: Projects that use polylactic acids, injection moulding, printing, ultrasonic welding

Topics: Biopolymers

Innovation Hub 13

Location: Wildau

Telephone: +49 33 75 508 498

Topics: Lightweight design

K/C Kunststoffspritzerei und Formenbau

Location: Oberkrämer

Telephone: +49 3304 3907 46

Area: Paving stones made of bioplastics and wood-plastic composites

Topics: Biopolymers

Knowhow Wilhelms GmbH

Location: Königs Wusterhausen 

Area: 3D metal printing (build-up welding), casting repair, industrial services

Topics: Lightweight design

Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB)

Location: Potsdam

Telephone: +49 331 5699 852

Area: Bio-process engineering with a focus on biobased basic chemicals, such as lactic acid, and on composites made from renewable raw materials.

Topics: Biopolymers, Plastics recycling

Linotech GmbH & Co. KG

Location: Forst

Telephone: +49 3562 6985 730

Area: Compounder and processor, NaWaRo based materials

Topics: Biopolymers

Lupac – Matthias Lechner

Location: Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 44 03 84 01

Area: Production and distribution of sustainable packaging for cigarettes

Topics: Biopolymers, Plastics recycling

LXP Group GmbH

Location: Teltow

Telephone: +49 3337 37741 40

Area: Technology development for polylactic acid and lignin

Topics: Biopolymers, Plastics recycling

M+R Filtermedien GmbH

Location: Wandlitz

Telephone: +49 151 15 19 01 89

Area: Air filters for air conditioning systems and ventilation technologies

Topics: Plastics recycling, Lightweight design

Network Lightweight Design Metal Brandenburg

Location: Potsdam

Telephone: +49 30 29 36 97 0

Area: Lightweight Design Made in Brandenburg - Materials - Construction - Integration of Functions - Treatment and Processing

Topics: Lightweight design

Plastics association Kunststoff-Verbund Brandenburg Berlin KuVBB

Location: Schwarzheide

Telephone: +49 35752 60

Topics: Biopolymers, Plastics recycling, Lightweight design

rub Berlin GmbH

Locations: Falkensee

Telephone: +49 3322 4296450

Area: Asphalt additives, fibre-reinforced plastic compounds, plastics recycling, decking boards

Topics: Plastics recycling, Lightweight design

sustentio GmbH

Location: Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 21949764 

Area: Communication, marketing, sustainability, social media, transformation consulting

Topics: Biopolymers, Plastics recycling, Lightweight design


SWK Innovations GmbH & Co. KG

Location: Lübbenau

Telephone: +49 170 92 11 360

Area: Extrusion, injection moulding, tool making

Topics: Biopolymers, Plastics recycling

Team Tejbrant GmbH

Location: Potsdam

Telephone: +49 331-817-25-884

Area: Street furniture; advertising showcases and bus and train shelters

Topics: Lightweight design

Trevira GmbH

Location: Guben

Telephone: +49 8234 9688 3104

Area: Manufacturer that specialises in high-tech polyester fibres and filaments

Topics: Biopolymers, Plastics recycling

Location: Berlin

Area: Development, production and distribution of plastic glasses and accessories for the hotel and gastronomy sector

Topics: Biopolymers, Plastics recycling

Zelfo Technology GmbH

Location: Joachimsthal

Telephone: +49 33361 64931

Area: Products made of new and recycled cellulose fibres

Topics: Biopolymers


Zemmler Siebanlagen GmbH

Location: Massen-Niederlausitz

Area: Production of double drum screening machines; recycling of plastics

Topics: Plastics recycling