Pilot competition Rapid Applications for Transport (RAPTOR)

30. July 2021
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Further information
Wolfgang Treinen


Project Manager
Intelligent transportation systems
T +49 30 46302-268

The EIT Urban Mobility is excited to invite all EU-based individuals, teams, start-ups, and SMEs with cutting-edge urban mobility innovations to submit their solution to this year’s pilot Rapid Applications for Transport (RAPTOR) competition.

Four cities (Brussels, Toulouse, Valencia and Cunit) seek your best ideas for their niche urban mobility challenges. One winner per challenge will be awarded a cash prize, mentoring and support from industry experts, and four months to develop their proposed minimum viable product to be tested in-situ!

Join EIT Urban Mobility and participating cities in this exciting kick-off event (July 30, 10 – 11:30 am) in which the niche urban mobility challenges and submission process will be presented.

RAPTOR winner benefits:

  • Cash grant of 30.000 € (VAT excluded)
  • Mentoring and support during 4-months
  • 2-day per week office workspace in EIT Urban Mobility headquarters
  • 1-week test of minimum viable product with city
  • Potential to be involved in future accelerator programme